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office Insurance
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What do I need office insurance for?

If you own the office or rent the office there is a policy that can cover you, this will cover you for fixtures fittings and office equipment and general business activity.

If I employ anyone will I need to get insurance for this?

If you employ anyone yow will require by law employers liability insurance, this will cover you if accidental injury is caused during the period of insurance to any employee if such injury arises out of and in the course of their employment by you.

Will my office insurance cover for buildings insurance?

Most office policies will allow you to cover the buildings under your office insurance policy, normally you would obtain a small discount if you insurer the buildings under your office policy.

What contents can be covered under an office policy?

Most office insurance policies will cover you for the contents of the office this can include office equipment, trade samples & stock in trade and documents.

Will I need security on the premises to obtain office insurance?

Most insurers will require some type of security on the premises this will however depend on the insurer and mainly depend on the type of business that is trading from the office.

Will office insurance cover me for public liability?

Insurers will usually cover you automatically for public liability insurance, which will cover you in the event of a member of the public wishing to make a claim against the business, some will also allow you to include cover for products liability this would cover you for goods sold or supplied by you from the premises in the course of the business.

Will the office insurance cover me for Business Interruption?

Business interruption is when your business cannot operate as a result of an insured loss. The property is untenable as a result of the loss and therefore operations must shut down. Business Interruption covers the continued business operation expenses, profits/losses that would have been earned had there been no loss. Coverage begins from the time of the loss and continues until the time that the business is back up and running at its pre loss state.

Can I pay for my office insurance by instalments?

Yes we offer a variety of instalment plans and are happy to spread the cost of your office insurance, please ask one of our advisors for more information.