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cheap motor vehicle fleet Insurance

How many vehicles will I need for motor vehicle fleet insurance?

Most insurance companies will require a minimum of three vehicles to offer a motor vehicle fleet insurance quotation and this can normally be a mixture of cars and vans and in some cases motorcycles.

If I wish to add extra vehicles part way through the year can I do this?

Once the policy is in force companies will administer their policies in one of two ways either on a declaration basis which will be set at every 6 months where you would be required to notify them of all the vehicles that you require cover for. The other way is that every time that you take ownership of a new vehicle you would contact us at that point and add the vehicle. You will be able to update the Motor Insurance Database (MID) yourself in most instances.

What drivers can you have on a motor fleet insurance?

Insurers are normally quite accommodating when it comes to the driving restrictions for a fleet policy. They will either offer cover on the basis of open driving this gives you full any driver cover on any vehicle. If there are high risk vehicles then they may restrict the driving to named approved drivers. If there are young drivers on the policy they may well be restricted on which vehicles they are allowed to drive. In order to obtain the most competitive premiums for a fleet policy it is best to restrict driving to anybody over 25 as an example.

Will I earn no claims bonus on a motor vehicle fleet insurance?

Insurers will normally not issue no claims bonus on motor fleet insurance what they will issue is a claims experience for the fleet this will give a breakdown of the number vehicles on the fleet insurance and the number of claims in the year and cost of the claims.

I have a large family and want a fleet policy to cover all our cars?

This would fall under a family fleet insurance which would cover any member of the family that is named on the policy to driver any of the vehicles on the policy. The insurer may impose restrictions on young drivers on the policy in respect of which vehicles they can drive. Generally a family fleet policy can be cost effective when there are more vehicles than drivers.

Can I pay for motor vehicle fleet insurance on instalments?

Yes we offer a variety of instalment plans and are happy to spread the cost of your fleet insurance please ask one of our advisors for more information.