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Landlord Insurance

Why do I need landlord insurance?

As a property owner you would require landlords insurance to cover you in the event that the property had a total loss like a fire or flood. In the event of a fire or after an insured loss and the property is being rebuilt then cover can be put in place so that you are covered for the loss of rent that you may suffer.

Is there any type of tenant that I can't cover on a landlord house insurance?

Most insurers have a set type of tenant that they look to cover under a landlord house insurance, however having obtained a large panel of property owner insurers we can cater for all types of tenants.

Is there any type of buildings that I can't cover on a property owner's policy?

Most insurers can cover all types of properties from a standard construction building to a property that is of multiple occupancy e.g. a shop with flats above. If you are looking for cover on a large commercial building this again can easily be accommodated with most insurers.

I have multiple properties can this be insured under one landlord insurance policy?

Insurers are normally happy to put more than one property on a policy whether they are all houses or a mixture of houses and commercial properties. If you are looking to insure some flats the insurers would normally prefer to insure the whole block of flats however some insurers will cover a single flat.

Can I include loss of rent onto my landlord insurance?

Insurers will allow you to include cover for loss of rent on you policy, in the event that your tenants need to move out due to a loss the cover would be in place for the rental income, this is normally limited to a specific time period for instance 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.

Will my landlord insurance policy include property owner's liability cover?

Most landlord insurance policies will cover property owner's liability cover under their policies as standard. This will normally cover you in the event of injury to any person other than an employee, Loss arising from trespass nuisance obstruction loss of amenities or interference with any easement of air light water or right of way for which you are legally liable.

Can I pay for my Landlord insurance by instalments?

Yes we offer a variety of instalment plans and are happy to spread the cost of your landlord insurance please ask one of our advisors for more information.