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How can I obtain a motorbike insurance quotation?

You can complete the call back form on the right and one of our experienced members of staff will call you back and obtain the information required, then provide you with a quotation.

Or you can call us on 0844 2098310* and speak to our knowlegable staff who will be able to provide you with a cheap bike insurance quotation. We also have a facility to obtain your quotation online.

Why do I need Motorbike insurance?

Motorbike insurance is a requirement by law for anyone that is looking to use or keep a motorbike on the public highway under the road traffic act of 1991.

Motorbike insurance types

There are 3 types of cover for bike insurance and these consist of:

Third party only

This is the most basic of covers for bike insurance and covers you for third party bodily injury and damage to third party property.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This covers all of the above plus fire and theft cover.


This insurance covers both of the above plus accidental damage to your bike.

Motorbike insurance excesses

All Third Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive policies will have a compulsory excess which is fixed by the insurer, however on most comprehensive bike insurances this can be increased by taking a voluntary excess. In most cases this will reduce your premium but in the event of a claim the amount that you will have to pay will be higher.

Will I be covered to take pillions/passengers on my motorbike insurance?

Motorbike policies do not always cover the carriage of pillion passengers. If you don't intend to carry any pillion passengers the insurers will give a small discount for excluding this cover.

Will I have cover for my accessories under my bike insurance?

Insurance companies will give a minimal amount of cover for any accessories on the bike this normally excludes cover for crash helmets, protective clothing and gloves.

Will my motorbike insurance cover me in Europe?

Most motorbike insurances will the minimum legal cover required in Europe free of charge under those countries insurance requirements. However we do have a large range of bike insurance policies that provide the same cover on the continent as you have in the UK. If you are unsure of the cover you have any of our advisors will be able to help.

Can I pay for my motorbike insurance in instalments?

Yes we offer a variety of instalment plans and are happy to spread the cost of your bike insurance please ask one of our advisors for more information.

Will I need security on my bike to get motorbike insurance?

In most cases cover can be obtained without security fitted to the bike, however most bike insurers will give a discount for approved devices being fitted to the bike a list of which can be found at the Thatcham Website